Turn Any Of Your Products Into A Touch-Sensitive Interface

How ALL WAVES TouchTM technology works?


Sensors bonded to the structure generate vibration waves.


These waves propagate through the structure and are reflected by any finger or soft object in contact.


Our algorithm analyses the reflected waves and determines the coordinates of contact points and the contact pressure applied to them.

Add A Tactile Dimension To Any Of Your Product

ALL WAVES TouchTM is the only technology allowing large, curved surface or structures with complex geometry to become tactile. It is based on the propagation of “guided” ultrasonic vibration waves in the structure. These waves have the particularity of being able to propagate over several meters without attenuation.

Upgrade Tactile Functionalities

Our technology allows multi-touch tracking on both sides and on the edge of the surfaces, as well as contact pressure sensitivity measurement.

Easy Integration

The sensors are installed on the very end of the surface ensuring minimum space requirements thus maximizing transparency. The sensors can be bonded directly to the structure or integrated inside it. No need for a controlled environment, this operation can be done in the factory

Save Costs

ALL WAVES TouchTM technology is very economical. A small number of sensors allows anything to become interactive.

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