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Evaluation Kit App

For the Evaluation Kit

Our in-house designed applications for our Evaluation Kits is intuitive and easy to install. You will then be able to test ALL WAVES TouchTM multi-tracking, movement tracking and pressure tracking functionalities directly on your computer.

User Guide

For the Evaluation Kit

Download our User Guide and get our Evaluation Kits up and running in a few minutes!

ALL WAVES TouchTM Brochure

Learn more about ALL WAVES TouchTM

Learn more about our patented technology: Our vision, the technicalities, the costs, and, most of all, the endless applications.

LFVD Brochure

Why choose ALL WAVES TouchTM

Learn all about ALL WAVES TouchTM characteristics and why it’s the best option for modern Large Format Visual Displays (LFVD)

You have a vision, we have a way to get you there!