Host Of Applications At Your Fingertips

ALL WAVES TouchTM Allows You To Develop An Infinite Number Of New Touch Applications

Transparent And Curved Surfaces

Enjoy ultra-modern design and performances

With only a handful of sensors allowing for an easy and hidden integration, ALL WAVES TouchTM lets you design fully transparent and curved displays. Combining that with its ability to easily instrument large and complex surfaces and you’ve got a technology made for cutting-edge rounded designs.

Opaque Flat/Curved Surfaces

Creativity is the only limit

Any surface, any material and any shape. Our technology is developed with a complete interactive world in mind. Thanks to its simplicity and flexibility, ALL WAVES TouchTM easily adapts to your products.

A Few Inspiring Interactive Ideas


Optimal transparency, increased resistance to light and environmental factors make ALL WAVES TouchTM the perfect technology for any project that enhance customer experience in brick-and-mortar stores.

• Interactive showcases
• Interactive touch screens
• Augmented reality displays
• Transparent OLED and LCD signage

Arts and Entertainment

ALL WAVES TouchTM applications are virtually endless. Reacting to all types of contact, our technology will allow infinite possibilities.

• Tactile objects and walls
• Opaque or transparent touch display screens
• Curved interactive objects

Interactive Furniture

Increase your team’s productivity with boards, tables or other large interactive tools that can now be produced at a much more affordable.

• Interactive worktables
• Informative collaborative furniture
• Interactive T-OLED walls and windows

Curved and Complex Screens

Non-flat surfaces, such as curved televisions and monitors, are generally much more difficult and expensive to convert into tactile device. ALL WAVES TouchTM drastically remedies the situation by instrumenting these complex surfaces as easily as flat ordinary surfaces.


Touch-sensitive car windows and interior elements, which are too expensive and complex to instrument with current technologies, could be the next innovation to emerge with ALL WAVES TouchTM.

• Unlocking the car solely through touch
• Interactive rear windows integrating AI/AR displays
• Interactive dashboards

Architectural Elements and Smart Homes

ALL WAVES TouchTM allows any environment to become a creative place where innovation is cultivated.
• Interactive glass walls
• Oversized digital signage displays and kiosks
• Smart home elements, walls and furniture